How to Add Command?

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What is a command?

CEYD-A currently contains more than 300 thousand commands, 2500 of which are system commands. This number is increasing day by day. The command defines the question you ask CEYD-A and the answer it will give you. Different answers can be defined for the same question. Either very detailed contents with codes or very simple answers can be prepared.

Let’s make the first settings

In the video below, there is an example showing how to add scripting by developing a block. The settings are automatically made for you at the first opening from the application.



If you want to create device-specific developer information yourself, you can follow the instructions below. After installing CEYD-A on your device, let’s select the menu on the left side of the screen and click on the My Commands option.

CEYD-A Drop Down Menu

CEYD-A Drop Down Menu

The screen that opens will be similar to the one below. We will create a developer account for commands you will define on your device. These operations are completely free. If you become a developer and add new commands, it will be useful for CEYD-A to reach large masses.

Add Command Registration Form

All fields on the screen will be filled automatically. All you have to do is determine the password part. Type a password that does not contain Turkish characters and spaces, such as çıöşü, and click SAVE / UPDATE. You are now registered. We can just write a command that will run on your device.

Let’s write a simple command

Let’s log in from the add command page. If you do not have user information, let’s create a new user. This information should match the developer information on the device.

In-device Commands Screen

You will see a screen similar to the one above. The sample screen contains your CONFIRMED COMMANDS as it is an account that already contains commands. Approved commands work not only on your own device but also on all CEYD-As. The real strength of CEYD-A is when every user command added is spread to all users. There is a growing command treasury that can be used by all CEYD-As. Now let’s click on the red pencil shaped icon on the screen

List of Your In-Device Commands

Options such as New Command, Copy will appear. Let’s click on New Command. 

The command we will create is what should I try.

Add Command Page

Let’s write try on the word question and press the ADD button.

Updating the Add Command Page

Write What should I try ? in response field. After writing, let’s click on the red pencil button and select Update . When the page is refreshed, our command will be defined.

List of Your Commands

Our new command will be activated within 2 minutes after closing CEYD-A. Now when you ask him to try it he will tell you what should I to try?.

CEYD-A Runs Your Commands

If you are not satisfied with the answer, you can also choose to delete the command or update the command.

Let’s do a more detailed example

Now, let’s make a more detailed example: You can define your commands not only from your device but also from a computer such as notebook or desktop where you can use the keyboard more comfortably. All you have to do is to go to the address A page like the following will open:

Command Login Screen

Click on ENG button if the page is Turkish. Write the user name and password that you have defined on the device and press the ENTER button. If you do not remember your username and password, you can access this information from the developer section of your device’s CEYD-A settings. You can also create a new account for free with the New Registration option.

List of Your Commands

After clicking the login button, you will notice that our previous command is also listed. Click on the red pencil button, choose New Command and start to define a new command. In the command we will define, if there is a word behind the phrase “try” such as “try to read”, “try swimming”, “try to run”, we will take this word and use it in the answer. So when we say “try to read” in response, it will say “you want me to try reading”.

Add Command Page

In this example, we will explore a new section: PATTERN FIELD.
In this area, we can define the structure of our own question and reflect the parameters in the question to the answer.
Let’s write the following statement in the template:

{ANY}try to ({WORD1}){ANY}

means your sentence may start with any leading word group. Next, we see {WORD1} in brackets, and it is to perceive the “reading, swimming, running” expressions in your sentence. Finally, we close your sentence with {ANY}. This means that the sentence may end with any expression.

I would like to point out that there are brackets around the expression {WORD1}. Expressions in parentheses are reflected as parameters in the answer.
Let’s write
you want me to try {WORD1}ing 
in the response field that CEYD-A will say, click the red pencil and select Update.
After about 2 minutes, when we say “you should try to read” it will say you want me to try reading.

CEYD-A Running Your Commands

I plan to give more detailed command writing examples in the following articles. Please contact me if there are any unclear points.

Add Command Screen Properties

Ceyd-a command  development structure provides many facilities for improvements. Code completion, Parameter help, Error display, and test the code are some of them.




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