Using CEYD-A Services in Java Projects

CEYD-A is an assistant development platform that has its own interpreter on the device it runs on. Unlike the known assistant applications, it is a structure that works in a way that allows one-to-one connections on the device, not on a server on the Internet.

Thanks to this feature, it is an ideal development environment for IoT and independent projects.

Java library of the CEYD-A Development environment will meet with developers very soon. Developers and companies will be able to use CEYD commands in their own Java projects with the methods provided by the library.
The library functions as an interpreter on the device it is installed on and performs the requested commands in the local environment.
It also means:

  1. In IoT projects, a CEYD-A environment that can run locally on Linux can be provided.
  2. Since it can run independently on powerful server platforms, it will be possible to create efficient commands (fictions) with the machine learning commands of CEYD-A.
  3. With the opportunity to access the development environment via Java, projects in different categories other than assistant and chatbot can also be created.


It is very easy to run CEYD-A constructs in Java and get answers. To facilitate the installation, it will be sufficient to add only one JAR file to the Libraries section of your Java application. Afterwards, you just need to use the CEYDActivity class in your application and type the first parameter of the call method in the CEYD command or the job you want to do with the speech language.. In the example, when we send “How much is Apple Cookie Calories?” as the parameter, you will be able to find the result value in stringParameter2 value at the thread return .

It is possible to run not only the existing 300 thousand commands (fictions) but also the CEYD-A fictions you have created. When your own fictions are approved at your request, other developers also have the opportunity to benefit from the fictions.


Considering that the created fictions are derived using other fictions, we are faced with a modular structure that interacts with each other and is rapidly enlarged by users.


You can run your fictions you create with CEYD-A, either in your platform independent Java applications or in CEYD-A applications.



On the CEYD-A web platform , a fiction that establishes an Adafruit IO MQTT connection is created by logging into .
After saving this fiction, it is possible to use it on all platforms of your own.


For example, a simple Java application was written in the Windows operating system and the result was shown by running this setup in it.

Similarly, the same result was obtained in the CEYD-A application running on a mobile device with an Android operating system.

Unlike its competitors, CEYD-A is compiled and run on the device, not on the server, allowing you to develop applications that establish one-to-one connection, unlike its competitors.

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