Test Your Own Fictions (Commands)

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Fiction is a collection of elements consisting of the dominant question words, the question template, and its answer code. In the Turkish CEYD-A structure, there are around 300 thousand interactive fictions. And it will be a great start in the English CEYD-A structure.

Let’s create a simple fiction and write the text inside the p tags on a site page to the screen and read it aloud.


Let’s try to get the text inside the p tags from a sample page.  After opening the https://ceyd-a.net/mytestnotes.php page with the Chrome browser, we press the F12 key and we can see the text between the P tag as follows

You can create your CEYD-A fiction from https://kodla.ceyd-a.com and test the generated codes by pressing the Try button on the same page.

Likewise, by logging into https://beta.ceyd-a.com, you can find out what paths it follows when you try fiction.

On this site, you can try the fictions not only by writing their names but also by writing the codes. You can track which fictions the codes trigger.

By visiting the voice assistant service site https://assistant.ceyd-a.com (or https://asistan.ceyd-a.com for Turkish language), you can see which main paths the general fictions followed. You can overwrite the fiction on this way so that your fiction will come into play. All you have to do is create your own fiction higher than the specified fiction coefficient on the path.

The execution path for the rainy fiction is rainy, cmdgetlocationweather, cmdgetfetchlocationfromstring and cmdgetweather. The coefficient of rainy is 10.5. If you create your own command with a coefficient greater than 10.5, say 11, your fiction will come into play when you say similar expressions.

Fiction will also be able to work on CEYD-A application installed on your own mobile device.

If you enable developer debug mode, you can observe all fiction paths during the execution of your fiction.

To enable debug mode, all you have to do is make the following settings.

Also, make sure that your profile name and password are the same as the account you created the fiction. When you say Update, all the fictions you created will be uploaded to your device or the web environment you use. In case of an error, you will be informed about the update result.

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