Author: Cenker Sisman


Test Your Own Fictions (Commands)

[wbcr_snippet id=”9710″ title=”sweetalert”] Fiction is a collection of elements consisting of the dominant question words, the question template, and its answer code. In the Turkish CEYD-A structure, there are around 300 thousand interactive fictions. And it...


Let’s Teach CEYD-A English-1

Turkish users already know it: CEYD-A is one of the most popular digital assistants used in Turkish having 4 million download. It’s not just an app, it’s a development platform. Its purpose is to...


Using CEYD-A Services in Java Projects

CEYD-A is an assistant development platform that has its own interpreter on the device it runs on. Unlike the known assistant applications, it is a structure that works in a way that allows one-to-one connections...