CEYD-A Virtual Assistant Development Platform

What is CEYD-A Programmable Assistant?
It is a voice assistant that speaks and understands Turkish and can be developed by users.

Unlike other digital assistants, it performs what you say on the device.

It has its own compiler, its own development language.

The commands you develop are accumulated in the pool, when approved, all CEYD-As benefit

It does not send your private information to the server, but keeps it in the database on your own device. The server is only for updating the command repository.

As it works on the device, the performance is directly proportional to the speed of the device.

Since it works on the device, it can work without the need for internet except for voice detection.

CEYD-A is a fast growing voice assistant, which has 4 million free users (Turkish Users) and is still developing day by day with the support of 300 thousand commands.
The total number of users using free version is 3.959.106*
* Statistical information obtained from Google Play dated 16.04.2020.


Some Features

Voice Recognition
While the phone is asleep, call HEY CEYD-A and wake it up.
Ask him, he will answer your questions (*).
Also, you can long press the main key (assistant key) to activate the CEYD-A (**).
* Background listening must be selected in the settings.
** For Pro version users
By saying COMMANDS, you can learn all the commands you will ask him. There is more. Note that you can chat with him outside of these commands.
The world’s first emotional voice assistant is here.* English version lacks commands. Commands will be available when users develop new commands.* Listens to you when the microphone is red
Make a Voice Call
Call contacts in your phone book. Send them text messages by voice. Let CEYD-A read to you as soon as the incoming messages and calls arrive.
Reading Incoming Calls Aloud

Incoming SMS Reading Aloud Setting* For Pro version users, these features have been reactivated by asking permission from Google Play. It should be chosen from the settings.
Create Location Reminders
Tell him in advance what to do when you go home, work, or the grocery store.
It will remind you when you arrive. You can even make him some processes.
You can get directions to the nearest places. (dozens of different location information such as hospital, school, pharmacy, stall, florist, parking lot)
* Pro version is for users. Checkout notifications must be selected in the settings
Create Reminders
Let CEYD-A organize your agenda now. Just tell him the reminders. Do you have an appointment? Remind me that I will go to the doctor at 9 o’clock tomorrow.
API Service for Developers
Completely Free for Academic Studies
Developers and companies can access its wide range capacity by connecting their applications to the infrastructure of CEYD-A and create their own assistants and chatbots.
Use On The Web
Completely Free for Academic Studies
Get answers by writing to him not only from your mobile phone but from the web page.
Access Commands Easily
Access categorized commands more easily. In fact, using with CEYD-A, try and run these commands quickly with a single button.
What Else Can I Do?
Meet the world of CEYD-A. Click to see what you can do
Listen to your messages
It can read your Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter messages aloud to you as soon as they arrive. You can even send messages by voice
* Voice notifications must be selected in settings
** For Pro version users
Add new commands to it:
It doesn’t matter by writing code or training by voice or using blocks. You can use your own commands accumulated in the pool. Once approved, it spreads to all users and creates an enormous wealth of information for all.